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What type of treats does your pet like?

In today's world the amount of options you have for the treats you use for your dog are endless! It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and like picking the right one that will not only entice your dog but will be some what good for them can be a tedious task. Luckily You are here! Through my years of experience I have compiled a list of my favorite treats to use for every dog's needs.

Image by Marek Szturc

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The first brand I suggest is HEB. They have a nice variety of treats with a small list of ingredients. My personal favorites include.

  • Jerky stix

  • Chicken and sweet potato fries

  • Chicken jerky

The next brand I enjoy has an abundance of flavors and variety. So whatever your preference you will be able to find what your pet enjoys. This is Pet Botanics. My dog's favorite is the chicken and duck flavors. I enjoy this brand because it not only has meat as the number one ingredient but is also filled with healthy botanics for my dog as well. I use this brand often and have gotten nothing but wagging tail reviews!

What's the best dog training equipment for you?

It can be hard to even know where to start when looking for the right equipment to use for you and your beloved pup. There are so many different choices now that most owners don't know where to turn. Thankfully over the years from use and experience I have a list of suggested tools to meet you and your dog's training needs.

3 Dog Collars

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When it comes to flat collars there's an endless amount of choices. What is really comes down to is the intended use and owner preference. I personally have all Disney themed collars because I enjoy that style. 

The two kinds of flat collars you will choose between are clips and buckles. A clip is much better at a quick release so if you are worried about getting your pup out of their collar quickly a clip is the way to go! Next is a buckle. Much like a belt it has more components to it and is harder to remove. This type of collar isn't for everyone, but once you get used to taking it on and off it can be a great option! The third choice is only suggested for certain breeds of dogs. It is the martingale collar. This collar has the ability to loosen and tighten. It is only suggested to be used on dog's who frequently try to wiggle out of their collars and for dogs who's head is about the same size as their neck so it can't easily slip off.  Now that you are more educated you should be able to make the right collar choice for you and your pup to fit your needs!

Next up is the dog harness. This has become increasing popular as the knowledge of trachea damage to your dog became more widely know. It can be a wonderful tool when used correctly for your dog. Some trainer's don't like it because of the back attachment. They believe that this gives the dog too much leverage to pull and will encourage the bad habit. In response to that as an experienced trainer who uses harnesses regularly that this notion is not the case. While if you have a dog who pulls on leash and you use a back clipped harness your dog will be able to pull harder is true, the idea that it teaches and encourages your dog to pull is just plain wrong. Your dog (like most every other living creature) has an opposition reflex. All that means is that when your dog feels the pull of you holding the leash their instinct is to pull against it instead of giving into the pressure. 

So, in the end it means if you have a dog that pulls on leash you need training not different equipment. That equipment doesn't make the dog, the training makes the dog. Now the type of harness I recommend also depends on the size of your dog. For small dogs I really like the brand Puppia Vest Polyester Step in Back Clip Harness. They wrap around the dog's chest and connect from behind. Smaller dog's and smaller nose breed dogs are more at risk for collapsed trachea, so I alway recommend a harness for them to help prevent it, because it is incurable.                      

Toys that give back to your dog's every day needs

The word "enrichment" is thrown around a lot in the dog world, but what does it really mean? 0Well the answer is pretty simple it is your dog using their natural instincts to hunt, scavenge, and dissect their food. Not only does this bring satisfaction to your dog but their over all mental, and physical well being. To help fill these needs the dog industry has come up with some great toys and ideas to help you fulfill your dog's needs. I have a list compiled here of my favorite toys that I use everyday. 

Image by Mathew Coulton

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The best place to start when looking at adding more enrichment to you's dog' life is the way you feed them daily. Most owners use a regular dog bowl and set it down twice a day to feed their dogs, but what is that bowl doing for you? Is it helping with your dog's walking? Does it pay for your dog's food? Is it helping you or your dog in any way:? The short answer is no. The common dog bowl does not add anything to your dog's day or enrichment needs. That is why one of the first things I suggest when I start training is ditching that boring bowl! Let's add something that will be helping you and your dog live a better life. 

My number one pick is a well recognized brand and toy that I see in many house holds. It is way under utilized though. This toy is a Kong. Now the brand has come out with many different toys throughout the years, but I am referring to the hollowed out stacked spheres that can be filled with any number of things! There are even entire websites dedicated to different things you can fill it with. What I suggest to begin with is your dog's daily food. What this will do is fulfill your dog's natural need to lick and chew. Both of these are mentally stimulating and calming for your dog. When you add this to your every day routine the difference will speak for it's self when you'r dog goes for a well deserved rest after their meal instead of wolfing it down or picking through it all day. See for your self the difference it can make to your dog.

My next favorite toy is not for every dog. If your dog tends to rip apart toys or has resource guarding issues i do not suggest this. Now for all the rest this is a wonderful way for your dog to use their sniffing and hunting instincts. It is called a snuffle mat! It was originally created for pet pigs, but when it was seen how much dogs enjoyed it, the popularity for dogs went through the roof! There is a huge variety of them and my favorites are the ones you can throw in the washing machine between uses so it does't ever smell or get too dirty. There is also a nice variety of sizes and collars to fit every owner's preference. Sniffing and a low head are also calming for your dog. So after they have foraged around for their dinner they are ready for a nice nap feeling satisfied mentally and physically. 

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