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Puppy Training

Why is Puppy Training Important?

Puppies are curious, rambunctious little souls who are just starting to learn more about their world. That's why it's vital that you help guide your puppy as they grow! With our puppy training classes, you will learn how to teach your puppy important life skills and tricks at an early age. The sooner you start training your new furry family member, the better!

Benefits of puppy training:

  • Improved listening and social skills

  • A stronger bond between you and your dog

  • A happier and more relaxed dog

Age range: 8 weeks to 5 months

Length and frequency: Once a week, 60 minutes per session

Location: Outing classes at local dog-friendly businesses, or private lessons in the comfort of your own home.

Qualifications: Years of experience with positive relationship-based training

Free consultations: Available 9am-7pm Tuesday-Saturday

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