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Ways To Promote Pawsitive Behavior In Your Dog

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

A dog is so much more than just a pet; it is a member of your family. It can be difficult not to spoil our pups every chance we get. But, in reality, we have to let our four-legged friends know who is in charge.

Top 3 Ways To Promote Positive Behavior

It can be hard to find ways to encourage positive behavior in your dog. This post will highlight the best ways to promote good behavior in your dog.

1. Routine

Dogs, like humans, thrive on routine. Routine lets a dog know what will happen and when. The routine does not have to be regimented, but there should be some sort of structure. Also, make sure your pet is learning your routine. Your dog needs to adjust to your schedule, not vice versa. By doing this, you let your dog know who is in charge.

2. Exercise

Exercise will help your dog drain his energy. Think of how you feel after you skip a gym day; irritable, bored, and restless. Dogs who are bored can get restless and destructive. The size and breed of your dog depend on how much exercise they will need. Most dogs require at least one walk per day. Exercising with your dog is a great way to bond with him. You can play fetch in the park or on the beach to strengthen your friendship with your dog. Exercise is one of the most important ways to promote positive behavior.

3. Quality Time

Spend quality time with your puppy. Your dog wants to feel your love and they want your attention. Getting them to trust you will strengthen your bond. Your dog always wants your undivided attention, so make sure to praise your dog when they do something that they're supposed to. For example, if your dog goes the whole day without any accidents in the home, you will want to overly praise them.

Jump up and down, cheer, clap, and speak in an energetic manner when praising your dog. You don't want to rely on treats as praise, as that can promote bad eating habits. All your dog wants is you, so your praise will be enough to deter them from bad behavior. Quality time will definitely help your dog learn positive behavior.


Here at Morgan's Pawsitive Pup training, we know that training your dog can be challenging and time-consuming. That is why we are here to assist you in your dog training needs. Consider booking us to help you train your dog to be the most pawsitive behaved pup on the block.

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