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Interesting Dog Outing Ideas and Tips

Just like us, a lot of dogs love to explore new places, and to venture further than beyond the four walls of the house! But where should we take them? There are lots of fun dog-friendly places that you can enjoy with your pup! Be sure to think about what type of activities your dog enjoys when planning on an outing with them. Remember, just like us, dogs can become overwhelmed in certain situations when out of their element.

Here are five interesting recommendations for outings with your dog, in addition to some dog outing advice to make your adventures a success!

1. Visit a park.

Local parks are fantastic places to take your dog! Look for dog-friendly walking trails in your area, and go on a sniffari! You’ll be amazed how tired your pup will get by just sniffing away at exciting smells. 

Remember to always keep your dog on leash! Not only is it the law, but unexpected things may happen that could cause your pup to flee. Always have them on a 4ft to 6ft lead to ensure their safety! Stay away from retractable leads, as they can be unreliable and potentially dangerous when becoming tangled. 

It’s best to avoid dog parks. They tend to be unsafe environments, and can also promote some unruly behaviors you may not like at home.

2. Go hiking at a National Forest.

If both you and your dog enjoy exploring new areas in the great outdoors, this would be a great option. Dogs are born curious, so taking them on a long stroll through the woods is a wonderful way to let them venture outside the confines of the backyard. 

When on secluded trails try a 10ft long line, which is a relatively longer leash that provides your dog greater freedom to explore. While you can choose to reel them in at any time, your dog will have the liberty to explore further from you—and is a great chance to practice some outdoors recall! Always make sure to use a harness though when using a long line to ensure your dog is safe from neck injuries.

3. Grab your favorite treat.

Pet-friendly goodies are now being offered at restaurants all around the nation. You can spend time together with your dog over a treat or meal. You can get your dog its very own unsalted "pup patty" for lunch at In 'N' Out when next you crave a Double Double, or you can visit Starbucks to get them a "Puppuccino" as you relish your Venti Latte.

4. Meet up with other dogs for a playdate.

You should try arranging a pup play-date! Controlled dog gatherings have always been a great method to socialize your dog. Ask a friend or family member with a similar size and temperament dog as yours to come over! 

If you don’t know anyone with a dog that has the same play style as yours, join us for our next Outings Class! It’s a great way to meet like-minded pet parents! Check out our website for the start date of our next class!

5. Have fun at a pooch water park.

Dog-friendly water facilities have been constructed in cities across the country so that your four-legged buddy can cool off in the sweltering heat. There is something for every dog, from ponds, beaches, to swimming pools. You can even rent pools by the hour to swim with your pup!

This is a fantastic idea for a summer gathering!

Dog Outing Tips and Safety Advice

Plan Ahead.

When you choose an outing for your dog, plan in advance to keep your dog safe and protected throughout the day. By taking along a travel water bottle, you can ensure that your dog remains hydrated. It’s a must for a play date or a rigorous exercise in the park. 

Additionally, be sure to stock up on lots of doggy waste bags. You should pick up after your dog and consider bringing extras to give to other dog owners to help keep the area tidy.

It's crucial to keep in mind how hot the weather would be. Choose an outing that won't burn your pups' paws, as their paws could get burned in areas with hot sand or concrete.

Last but not the least, keep an eye out for your dog. Any situation could occur, so keeping an eye out is crucial.

Those five activities mentioned above are excellent for spending quality time together. Have fun but also be careful.

Snacks and toys.

Toys are a good idea to bring along as a reward, to play fetch, or when taking a break to keep them distracted. 

Additionally, you need to pack some delectable goodies to give your dog as a reward for good behavior. Treats are fantastic to help encourage good behavior while out and about!

Make the outing as fun as possible.

Dog outings shouldn't always be based on physical exercise. Your dogs will enjoy going out with you when they see it as an opportunity to explore, discover new smells, and engage all their senses!

By going out, you can see different environments while also providing your dog with more mental stimulation. Be sure to give your dog plenty of time to investigate their new surroundings, and encourage frequent stops so they can sniff the ground.

Trying out various routes or locations can guarantee that both you and your dog will enjoy your stroll. You could, for instance, take a walk in a park one day and then take a stroll in the woodland the next.

Some dogs enjoy swimming, which is another excellent kind of exercise! Just be cautious to first confirm whether your dog enjoys swimming, and whether their breed is known to be good swimmers.

How to prepare for a simple dog outing.

There are a few essentials you should always bring with you on dog outings. Here are a few examples:

  • Proper fitted harness or collar

  • 4ft to 6ft leash

  • Bags for cleaning up after your dog. 

  • Dog snacks—be sure to have a variety of different kinds!

  • Portable water bowl 

  • A favorite toy

In summary.

Socialization is crucial, but even more so, passive socialization is pivotal. Taking your dog outside (especially if they are puppies) gives them the chance to explore, provides cognitive stimulation, and eventually helps them develop into well-rounded, secure dogs.

If you are still feeling uncertain about bringing your pup out in public, reach out to one of our amazing trainers! We'd love to help you feel more confident to take on the world with your pup!

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