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In-home Pet Sitting versus Boarding

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

If you're like most dog owners, having to entrust your furry friend's care to someone else, even if just for a little while, can feel like ripping your heart out. It's a common misconception that dog sitting in Houston and dog boarding are the same thing, but they're not.

Many people appear to be using the terms interchangeably when, in fact, they refer to two distinct approaches. Like babysitting, "pet sitting" entails the sitter's visit to the home of the pet's owner to provide for the dog's needs while the owner is away. In pet boarding, on the other hand, you leave your pet at someone's house or in a facility while you're gone.

Both options are commonly used by pet owners who want to ensure their pets are cared for in their absence. However, which of these two approaches would be best for you and your dog? Do you want to save money? Do you want to give your pet the royal treatment so it doesn't miss you when you are away, or perhaps you are just in search of the best service available for your pet? These considerations will guide your decision.

In-home Dog Boarding

You should avoid leaving a dog that is known to be reactive in traditional dog boarding homes or public kennels where they will be exposed to a large number of unfamiliar dogs and other animals, even if it's for a short period of time. In most cases, cleanliness and security cannot be ensured in such locations. Leaving your reactive dog somewhere they will be safe, cared for individually, and in a comfortable environment is the best option.

You should try to find a service that offers in-home boarding for your dog. For the short time that you must be apart from your dog, this is one of the most reliable methods of ensuring his or her safety and well-being. These are some of the many advantages your dog is almost certain to reap if you decide to go the in-home boarding route.

Proper hydration and nutrition

When you have your dog boarded at your home, you can rest assured that it will be given food and water at regular intervals. In-home boarding facilities employ pet sitters who not only feed your dog the same food you normally do but also keep a close eye out for any special needs your dog may have (if specified). While you may not be able to be there physically, you can still help them out by informing them of their day's schedule and any necessary bathroom breaks.

Treatment tailored to the pet's needs

You can trust the pet sitter to treat your dog with the love and attention it deserves while you're away. Additionally, you can inform them of your dog's peculiarities and preferences by detailing his or her personality traits. In-home pet boarding is preferable to kennels because the sitters won't have to worry about overcrowding, and you'll have more control over your dog's care by being able to outline any special needs he or she may have.

Frequent exercise

You can't afford to allow your dog to go without an exercise routine just because you're not there with them. Hiring a certified dog trainer in Houston from a credible dog sitter service is incredibly helpful because it will ensure that your dog gets out for walks and meets its daily/weekly targets, both of which are crucial to the dog's health and routine.

There are no hazardous situations.

When your dog has a reliable pet sitter by its side, you won't have to worry about them getting into mischief or hurting themselves. For example, you can tell the pet sitter exactly what will excite your dog to the point where they become uncontrollable and aggressive. This will ensure that your dog is always protected from harmful circumstances.

No confinement

When you choose in-home pet boarding, your dog will never be confined to a cage unless absolutely necessary. They can move around and have fun as much as they want. They will also stop associating your absence with being confined in cages.

Pet Boarding

If you need to be away from your pet for an extended period of time, you may consider boarding them at a facility or private home where they will be cared for by trained professionals along with other dogs. Even though this option is usually less expensive than hiring a pet sitter, it does have a few problems.

Let's now discuss the benefits of professional pet boarding over pet sitting.

To begin with, pet boarding is typically (but not always) much less expensive than pet sitting. This is because boarding pets is not a particularly one-on-one service. The boarding facility has a set routine that all guests must follow, so you won't have much say over your pet's daily activities.

The opportunity for your pet to interact with other pets is another benefit of boarding them. Instead of allowing your pet to spend time alone with a pet sitter, consider boarding it at a facility where it can interact with other animals.

As a plus, you can rest assured that whoever you are dealing with has the necessary expertise to handle your dog's situation. Typically, pet boarding facilities only hire highly trained professionals who have put in years of experience before being hired.

Morgan's Pawsitive Pup Training is an established business that provides pet owners with vetted pet sitters in their area. We only hire dedicated pet sitters who are committed to the 4H principles of dog sitting in Houston. The 4H principle promotes a healthy lifestyle by emphasizing the importance of happiness, health, homeliness, and hygiene in caring for pets. We accept as partners on the platform only the very best people who share these values. Before letting a new member join our group of people who care for pets, Morgan's Pawsitive Pup Training does a thorough background check on them. So you can rely on us to take very good care of your pets, at your home.

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