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Fourth of July Safety for Dogs: A Must-Read Guide

Updated: Aug 29

worried dog with fireworks

Fireworks Safety for Dogs

The Fourth of July is a time for celebration, but it can also be a stressful time for dogs. The loud noises and bright lights of fireworks can frighten dogs and cause them to run away. If you're worried about your dog's safety this Fourth of July, there are a few things you can do to help keep them calm and safe.

Create a safe hiding space for your dog. If your dog has a favorite hiding spot, such as a crate or a closet, make sure it is available to them on the Fourth of July. This will give them a place to go to feel safe and secure when the fireworks start.

Crate your dog. If your dog does not have a safe hiding spot, or if you are worried that they will try to run away, crating them is a good option. This will prevent them from getting hurt or lost if they panic.

Give your dog a CBD chew. CBD is a natural compound that has been shown to help reduce anxiety in dogs. If you are worried about your dog's reaction to fireworks, giving them a CBD chew a few hours before the festivities start may help to calm them down.

Talk to your vet. If you are still worried about your dog's safety, talk to your veterinarian. They may be able to prescribe medication to help keep your dog calm on the Fourth of July.


stressed dog having ears covered

ere are some additional tips for keeping your dog safe on the Fourth of July:

  • Avoid taking your dog to fireworks shows. If you must take your dog to a fireworks show, keep them on a leash at all times and be prepared for them to become frightened.

  • Keep your dog indoors during fireworks. If you can, keep your dog indoors during fireworks. This will help to reduce their exposure to the loud noises and bright lights.

  • Make sure your dog is microchipped and has up-to-date identification tags. If your dog does run away, this will make it easier for them to be reunited with you.

With a little planning and preparation, you can help keep your dog safe and calm on the Fourth of July. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your veterinarian.

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