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February 19th International Tug of War Day

If you have a pup at home, International Tug of War Day (February 19th) may be the

perfect excuse to celebrate with an extra special play session. After all, what better way

is there for man's best friend to join in on the fun than playing one of their favorite

games? Modern tug-of-war puts your pup against you and can help build a stronger

bond between both of you -- it’s hard not to get caught up in enthusiasm when they start

playing excitedly! Keep reading if you want some pointers on how best to play this

classic game.

False Stereotypes About Tug of War With Your Dog

Tug of war with your dog is a great game to play, but there are some common false

stereotypes about the activity that can be misleading. Here is a list of some of the most

common myths about playing tug of war with your pup and why they aren’t necessarily


Myth 1: It Will Make Your Dog Aggressive?

One of the biggest misconceptions about playing tug of war with your furry friend is that

it will make them aggressive. However, this isn’t necessarily true as long as it’s done in

a safe and controlled manner. As long as you are monitoring the game closely and

setting appropriate boundaries, playing tug with your pup can actually help to increase

their confidence and create positive relationships between you both.

Myth 2: It Encourages Resource Guarding.

Another myth is that playing tug encourages resource guarding behavior in dogs. In

reality, resource guarding behavior typically occurs due to lack of training or an

underlying fear or anxiety issue that needs to be addressed. If your pup already exhibits

possessive behaviors when it comes to toys, then it would be wise to speak with one of our professionals for advice on how to handle the situation.

Myth 3: Dogs Play Too Rough During Tug.

One last myth is that dogs tend to get too rough during games like tug of war. While it’s

true that things can get rowdy if not monitored closely, as long as you set appropriate

limits on what types of movements are allowed (like no biting!), then this type of game

can be a safe and healthy way for your pup to have fun and expend energy.

By understanding these common misconceptions about tug of war, you can help ensure

that you and your pup have a safe and enjoyable time when playing together!

How Tug of War is a Fun Activity to Enjoy With Your Pup.

Tug of war is an exciting and fun game that’s perfect for bonding with your pup. Not only

does it provide great physical exercise for both you and your pup, but it also encourages

teamwork, problem-solving skills, and trust between you both. Here are some tips on

how to play tug of war safely and effectively with your canine companion:

Choose the Right Rope!

When selecting a rope for tug of war, make sure you choose one that’s made from high-

quality materials like nylon or hemp. Avoid ropes that are too thin or ones that have any

kind of metal components as these could potentially harm your dog’s mouth if they bite

down too hard. Additionally, try to find one that has two handles so that both you and

your pup can have a good grip during the game.

Keep Sessions Short.

It’s important to keep sessions short so that neither one of you gets too tired or

frustrated during the game. Start off with just a few minutes at a time and then gradually

increase the length and intensity as the game progresses. You want to make sure that

your pup is still having fun after each session, not exhausted!

Set Boundaries

In order to keep everyone safe during tug of war, setting boundaries is essential. Don't

allow any body contact between the two players and be sure to remind them not to bite

down too on the rope near your hands or get overly the top during the game. These rules will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

Why Polite Tug Play is Important.

Polite tug play is an important aspect of playing tug of war with your pup that's often

overlooked. When you allow your pup to engage in this type of activity, you not only

build trust and camaraderie between the two of you, but it's also a great way to help

teach them basic life skills like taking turns and following directions.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that dogs can easily get over-excited when

playing tug, which can lead to some pretty rough behavior. Here are some tips on how

to make sure your pup stays polite during their games:

Why Having a Long Toy for Tug of War is Important.

Having a long toy for playing tug of war with your pup can make the game safer and

more enjoyable. A longer toy gives your pup plenty of space to grab away from your

hands, which helps prevent accidental injuries or bites that can occur when they get too

excited. It also allows them to control the toy better and provides more room for

movement so they can run around while still having something to grab onto.

Additionally, toys with longer handles are perfect for teaching them basic commands

like “drop it” since they have more room to maneuver it in their mouth.

When selecting a long toy for tugging, look for one that’s made of durable materials

such as rope or canvas so it lasts longer and stands up against rough play. Also, make

sure there aren’t any pieces that could break off easily and injure either you or your pup

during use.

Having a long toy is an important part of playing tug of war in an ethical and safe way!

So be sure to find one that fits your pup’s size and energy level, so both you and your

furry friend can have endless hours of fun together!


Remember to recall the false information regarding the game making dogs more

aggressive - tug of war is actually a great game when played properly and in

moderation. Make sure to have a long toy so your pup can tug on it away from your

hands, use polite tug play, and above all else - have fun! If you’re unsure how to best

introduce tug of war into your pup’s life or want to learn more about making it successful

for you and your pup, contact us at Morgan's Pawsitive Pup Training for additional

support. We are dedicated to helping pups live their best lives! So why not start by

celebrating International Tug of War Day? Let’s encourage positive playtime together

this February 19th!

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