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Benefits of Puppy Training

Have you and your family gotten a new puppy? Do you have an older puppy who never seemed to figure out how to act properly? Puppy training is all about teaching your puppy the habits that will allow you and your new best friend to get the most out of the relationship for years to come. Following are five benefits of puppy training.

1. Protected Furniture and Textiles

You spent a lot of money on your furniture, fabrics, and apparel. Nobody wants their treasured shoes ripped apart or their cherished leather couch scuffed and ruined. Puppy training can help to ensure that your puppy chews on only the toys and goodies you provide him, rather than your prized items. Setting boundaries is an important part of puppy training so that your puppy understands what belongs to him and what is off-limits. Puppy training also includes house training, helping to ensure that your furry friend does not stain the carpets and floors in your home.

2. Puppy Training Reduces Liability Vulnerability

When caught off-guard or even when they are unhappy, untrained dogs are more prone to respond with inappropriate aggressiveness. A stranger being bitten by your dog might expose you and your family to financial responsibility or worse. You'll be less prone to such threats if you engage in puppy training, since your dog will be less likely to struggle with these behaviors when training starts early on.

3. Improved Relationships With Family Members

You may be acquiring your dog as a puppy, but as your family grows, you may have additional additions, such as a new infant or an aging parent who lives with you. During visits to your house, even extended family members will need to get along with your dog. Newcomers to your house will be greeted with interest and caution rather than fear, over excitement, or aggressiveness if your puppy is trained from a young age.

4. Increased Ability to Socialize

When there is a lot of public social contact, your dog will be happy to interact. Unfortunately, socialization will be difficult until your puppy learns how to get along with others. Puppy training teaches your puppy how to behave around strangers and how to socialize with other dogs at the dog park or on a walk, from a young age. A well-behaved dog will, in the end, have more favorable interactions with humans and other animals.

5. Better Relationship With Puppy Training

Finally, puppy training helps you and your dog have a stronger bond. You'll be able to have a respectable, yet loving connection with your dog in which your puppy understand boundaries and manors. In this kind of partnership, there's less scolding and more hugging!

Every pet owner deserves a well-behaved puppy, and every puppy deserves the opportunity to learn how to behave in a caring environment. You and your closest buddy may look forward to a lifetime of well-mannered and enjoyable encounters with a little investment in puppy training early on. For more information about puppy training, please contact us today.

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