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Leave it to the Experts


Trainer Morgan

With 13+ years of experience she specializes in: Aggressive behavior modification, Psychiatric Service Dog training, and extreme behavioral training 

Trainer Hannah

With 5+ years of experience she specializes in: Anxiety, fearful, reactivity, and all things doggie manners related

Trainer Gigi

With 5+ year of experience she specializes in: Hyper activity, correcting rude behaviors, and our puppy expert.


Trainer Morgan

Senior Trainer / Owner

Morgan Bayard is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. With over 12 years of experience, Morgan has worked with countless pets over the years. With an undeniable love for animals, she is always around pets, whether at home or professionally. Her drive for bringing real life training success led her to start Morgan’s Pawsitive Pup Training. She is confident she can help any dog reach their training potential!


Trainer Hannah

Lead Trainer

Hannah Barnes has been working with animals her whole life, and has over 3 years of professional experience in dog training. Her love for what she does shows through with every lesson she teaches! She is a wonderful asset to this training team! We are confident she will help you obtain training excellence with your pup.


Trainer Gigi

Expert Trainer

Even at a young age Gigi always had a strong passion for dogs. She knew even then that she would only ever pursue a career with animals, but never quite knew how that would manifest. Fast forward to now, and she has worked professionally with dogs in nearly every aspect, and now comes to us now with over 9 years of experience working alongside dogs. She has been working as a professional dog trainer for over 4 of those years, and is excited to have finally found her calling! 

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